Nothing to do with Islam - 15/01/2015 16h51

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Nothing to do with Islam

The death rattle of a dhimmi society.Cowards at Sky News refuse to show Charlie Hebdo cover’s lazy to say the Paris attacks had nothing to do with Islam third of Brits too scared to speak out on immigration and religion Murray: The religion of peace is not a harmless platitude Charlie Hebdo murders flee anti-Semitism upsurge in Europe MP cancels surgeries after threat Islamisation of Britain in 2014 “We must celebrate Islam as a great world religion of peace”. feared killed in deadliest Boko Haram attack in Nigeria majorities in several Muslim countries support death for apostates and stoning for adulterers can download audio versions of all my videos at via iTunes at OF TRANSCRIPTS ON KINDLE IN iBOOKS me on Twitter
From:Pat Condell
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